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/ Tuesday, June 7, 2011 /
The date of me leaving this continent is getting closer and closer.
It is not something I look forward to; my friends and I have even decided not to bring it up. When we do talk about it (quite occasionally), I sigh and they try to convince me to just not leave, ever. I believe they are planning on stealing my passport and duct taping me to the stairs..
Even though the idea sounds very appealing, I know my old life is waiting for me to be picked up and lived again.

It really does feel like my old life. Naturally I want to see my friends and my family again But the thought of going back to my own place, where I live alone, scares me. I'm spoiled by the days and nights spend with others, and this was a very happy way to live for me. Besides that, going back to work and and meeting with the responsibilities I used to have is not a thing I look forward to at all.

That being said, I am ever so grateful for all the people I've met and everything I have been able to learn here. I do feel like in a lot of aspects, I've been able to better myself. This may have cost struggle, but I will benefit from it for the rest of my life. Although I suppose the actual test is still to come back in the Netherlands, I look forward to proving myself with my graduation project. Even if not to anyone else but myself.

After graduating next spring, I plan on coming back to the United States. I never expected this country to appeal to me so much. I want to see everything there is to discover. Maybe I'll have my driver's license, and I will drive my own route through the states. Maybe I'll settle in a city that's not New York. Maybe it really is the country of endless possibilities.
What's sure is that if I'll ever be homesick,  it will be when I get back home.


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