At the End of Summer

/ Monday, August 15, 2011 /
As far as photography goes this summer, I have not met my goals. I don't like making excuses for myself, even though I have plenty (valid ones too!). I'm sorry I didn't do what I wanted to. Fact is though, school starts in a week and I am graduating this year. I want photography to take up a bigger space in my life than it does now, and it should. This whole summer has been about personal growth, which is fine. But this blog was meant to be about photography and as much as I like to be personal, I'm going to write more about that instead of digging into myself all the time.

All the photographers I've come to love inspire and intimidate me. I know I've grown so much this year, and I'm very curious to see where I'll be in five years. I wonder where and what I'll be. At this point I'm living the dream I had as a twelve-year old; getting into art school and studying to become a photographer. Now, within ten months, I'll be there.

I've been scared a long time to call myself a photographer, and I still am. When is one a photographer? What are the requirements? Am I one when I have my diploma? I'm not sure. I guess I won't be one until I say so. Which I should do.
So, here goes: I am a photographer!

This self-portrait I made in our bathroom. I just came out of the shower and I liked the way our mirror had fogged up. So I grabbed my Rollei and took a quick shot. After I scanned it, I left the photo mirrored; it's actually as if you are looking at me from out of the mirror. I look vulnerable, both physically and emotionally. But the light coming over my shoulder is promising. It's like the future is out there and it's waiting for me to arrive. And I'm going to enjoy the ride over.


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