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/ Tuesday, August 2, 2011 /
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I was taking a stroll through Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one afternoon. It was probably the first   time I was outside that day; often that happened to be around three or four pm. I always thought that to be quite scandalous, getting out of the house that late. But on this particular day, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have met this old lady.

Though I didn't actually meet her, of course. I happened to see her walking down
the road, and I ran to a spot where I thought I could take a good picture. While sneaking in two shots, hoping she wouldn't see me, I felt slightly guilty. It was almost as if I was using her, and the way she looked. In fact, and everybody is aware of this, I did use her. We all do. I'm a photographer, and I saw an interesting scene which could possibly make a nice photo. Even so, maybe because I have a soft spot for old people, I wish now I would've talked to this elderly lady.

I think that makes a nice resolve, talking to strangers. Who doesn't like meeting new people? Besides, the elderly always have stories to tell. Stay tuned for more.    


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