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Last Tuesday I finally got around to scanning the negatives that had been lying around for a while. Most of them were photos I made close to my time of leaving Brooklyn and they really took me back. It's been almost eight weeks since coming home, and living here ain't so bad. Sure, the partying went down with 75%. Plus the move to my parents went smoothly (I never slept at my own place again) and, being the cool kid that I am, I spend most of my time at IKEA. Working and serving, in yellow and blue. But at least I'm making money, to pay off the debt with my parents so they'll loan me a new sum to get out of here..

In the meantime I'll entertain myself, and hopefully some others, by reminiscing about the past.

                                                                                                Chuck ©  Chrissie Smolders

This fine man I met on the streets of Bushwick. I was out with a friend and the Rollei, and spotted sailor-boy across the street. Like that time on the bus, I hesitated but knew I had no choice but to go after him. He just looked so peculiar with his hat, and the little wooden toy train. Dressed in all white with nothing but black accents. Incredibly smart. He was taller than me too, which really is quite tall, and he was walking away from me with big steps. I shouted something to my friend, ran across the street and tapped him on the shoulder while trying to look decent after about 10 seconds of heavy exercise.

He didn't mind me taking a couple of photos, but was giggly and nervous the whole time I had my camera aimed at him. So much even he made me feel a little uncomfortable. But at least it made him laugh and I was happy.
However insecure I can be about asking someone for a portrait, it always makes me feel invincible. It's like a rush to the head, a drug that lasts for the shortest time.
I love how something so simple can make you feel so amazing.

P.S. Check back soon for exciting images and news on Hope, among other things!

EDIT: As a friend pointed out, he is wearing a 1950's milkman suit. Amazing indeed. It also explains what he's holding in his hand, which appears to be something to put the glass bottles in. Nice!


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