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Do you know the feeling when you suddenly come up with a plan of genius? When for a short moment you gasp for air, your body gets all hot and tingly and your thoughts start tumbling over each other?

It happened to me when I was riding the train back to Brooklyn. The most exciting plan dawned on me; I should start writing about people I saw on the subway, and afterwards take their portrait. The subway fascinates me endlessly; Wall Street members next to mumbling drunks and discontent hipsters. The environment they're in is so natural to them that they seem able to create their own comfort zone. I started to carefully watch people, and let loose my imagination about them by whatever they were factually doing. I started to write little bits and pieces.
But I couldn't gather enough courage to actually take the portraits. I'm not sure what they should look like. Should I show their faces? Or only details? What is left to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer? The possibilities are never ending.

However incomplete now, I wanted to share a piece of something I wrote.
There's a young man sitting across from me on the E-train. He's swaying his head on the rhythm of his song, while his fingers animatedly follow the spitting of the lyrics. The shadow of his cap increases the darkness of his face and I look at his dirty, white sneakers. They tap at the slow bass while his lips mimic the words of song. Resting his head on the metal bar on the side of his seat, he lacks every regard for his surroundings.

He got off at west 3rd street and I hesitated to follow him. I thought maybe he had seen me watching him and writing. At the last possible moment I got out and caught him walking to the train towards downtown Brooklyn. As I was a few steps behind, he looked back at me. I stopped. He walked on.


{ freyalalau } on: October 4, 2011 at 6:53 AM said...

Nice! Ik heb ooit zo'n zelfde idee gehad, personages maken van mensen die ik zie in de trein en bus. Ik vind t fascinerend hoe al die verhaallijnen van mensen bij elkaar komen in de bus en dan weer alléén verder gaan wanneer ze uitstappen. Hoe gaat dat verhaal dan verder? Maar heb er uiteindelijk niks mee gedaan...

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