A project of Hope

/ Tuesday, November 29, 2011 /
                                                                     Untitled ©  Chrissie Smolders

I've been in Brooklyn for almost a month now, shooting for my graduation project. This work is about a girl, Hope York. She lives in Flatbush, a neighborhood down in Brooklyn. It's almost an hour away from where I live. Two weeks ago I found out she lied about her age; she's one year younger than me. That makes her twenty years old. She has a son, Justin. He is nine months old. She was the last of her group of friends to give birth. She's no longer together with the father; her boyfriend is in jail and her father was recently released. 

However stereotypical this may be, Hope is not. She's resilient and responsible. She has a decent job with opportunities. She stays home with her baby every day. Hope is looking at a future.

A Portrait

/ Friday, November 11, 2011 /
                                                                     Geert ©  Chrissie Smolders

This is my brother. When I was younger, a lot of things about him made me jealous. How incredibly smart he is. The large group of friends he has, and the social life he leads. How he makes people laugh with jokes that are just on the edge of being acceptable. He never seemed scared or insecure.

It's only since the last two years that I've really gotten to know my brother. Being able to see through the masks he wears made me realize we're not so different after all. And I caught him naked in this picture. This is my brother.
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