Pastor Tony

/ Sunday, March 4, 2012 /
                                                                                                                  Home Line, 2011 © Chrissie Smolders

It was late December and I was walking around in Midland. The roads were wide and open, with bare trees and bushes covering the dry grass. Though the sun shone, it was cold and there was no one on the streets but me. I felt happy that I was walking around in this little town in Texas. It felt real.
At the end of the street, a man appeared. He went from house to house, knocking at their doors. Sometimes there would be a brief conversation, sometimes the door would stay shut. We greeted each other as he passed, and I looked back at him. It looked a little sad, how he was being sent away time after time. As I walked on, the well-known "I'll never forgive you if you don't take a picture of him!" started repeating itself in my head. I wanted to talk to him. I put a new roll of film in my camera and began walking after him.

Our conversation took a while. He told me that he was from Pennsylvania originally, and had moved to Midland to preach at a new baptist church. Today, he was visiting people at their homes to tell them about the ways of the Lord. He was raised a catholic, he said, but lost his faith when he got older. He told me he got a family at a young age, that his life was good. Then he started drinking. He became addicted to drugs. He lost his family, his job, and everything else. At his lowest point, he didn't want to live anymore. That's when God came back into his life.
I asked him if he was happy now. He said yes.

Afternoon Roadtrip

/ Thursday, March 1, 2012 /
                                                                                            ©  Chrissie Smolders

From Brooklyn to Princeton. It was my first time outside of town, and it really was a beautiful day. Princeton felt like a fairy-tale town, and the highlight of our trip was probably when I shouted for joy at the sight of my first Walmart. I enjoyed walking around the campus with my friends though, while I got my first taste of America outside of New York. On our way back we listened to Motown's famous hits and Black Sunday from Cypress Hill. It was a good day.

                                                                                    ©  Chrissie Smolders
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