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                                                                                 Cake, blue, 2013 © Chrissie Smolders

I'm working on a new project about my family. My final leave from this country is less than two weeks away, and I can't go without some photos to remember my family by. For this project I have taken the core of my family: both my grandparents, my own parents, and my brother and I. The structure is made up by those five parts. For every part, I am taking pictures of objects that hold a certain value in regards to their identity or memories that I have of them, and I take portraits too.

Every part has their own color in accordance with the color wheel of traditional painting. My grandparents each have a primary color, blue and yellow. I chose violet as the secondary color for my parents, and my brother and I have a tertiary color: viridian and magenta. I did this mainly because the objects and portraits won't be set up in order, but I want the viewer to be able to connect the items to the people they belong to. 

Though I will publish this series when it's finished, I truly am making it for myself. I try to work by doing what feels right and based on my own subjective view, without input. And it was only when I began to work on this project that I started to understand my own memories, and whether they are truly attached to items or just pure emotion. For example, I was able to collect a lot of items at my grandparents, but at my brother anything beyond the first three objects I thought of just didn't feel right. This is because especially with my grandparents a lot of my childhood memories are tied to things; I spent countless days and nights there eating my favorite snack and playing with a their stuff. The memories I hold of my brother, however, aren't so much of his stuff but of what we've experienced together, the conversations we have and how much I love him. But that's okay. Updates to follow.

                          Grandmother, blue, 2013 © Chrissie Smolders                Grandfather, blue, 2013 © Chrissie Smolders


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